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Street art is a contemporary artistic movement that includes all forms of art made in the street or in public places. Amaury Dubois presents his own vision of street art. Amaury Dubois’ reproductions of Street Art paintings are to be admired without moderation. The artist’s creativity and the excellent finish of his paintings charm us with deep colours enhanced by the Hahnemühle art paper. For his Street Art posters, Amaury Dubois finds his inspiration through the richness of the world and culture.

Reproduction of Street Art paintings

Dive into the collection of Amaury Dubois, his reproductions of Street Art paintings, a real explosion of colour. His Big Bang painting offers us a colourful and original vision, in the image of the artist, of what was the beginning of our universe. A combination of blue, the symbol of freshness and purity, white, the colour of peace, and yellow, which symbolises wealth, prosperity and light.
The wall gives you a unique dose of energy, warm colours that warm the spirit and bring a contemporary touch to your interior. An explosion of colours that expresses the mood of the artist photographer. Amaury Dubois superimposes his pictures to create a unique representation of his image through Street Art posters of the most beautiful effect.

The warmth that emanates from his reproduction of Soul VIII painting pierces the soul and revives the space thanks to its luminous and flamboyant colours. An explosion of shapes that perfectly reflects a unique style, at the heart of the artist’s street art reproductions.

In the same theme, you will also find reproductions of paintings: “Portrait”. The reproduction of Jimi Hendrix’s portrait in contemporary painting catches the eye and transports us into an enchanted musical universe. Emotional and colourful, the art poster pays tribute to the guitarist. It is an inspiring pop portrait.
Amaury Dubois’ street art posters are rich in emotion and full of stories. They are limited editions, signed and numbered by the French artist in his studio in Lille. Amaury Dubois offers reproductions of modern paintings with deep colours enhanced by Hahnemühle art paper.

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