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Horizontal format art posters

If you are looking for a reproduction of a painting for your interior, discover the selection of paintings in horizontal orientation produced by the artist Amaury Dubois. The horizontal shape of the paintings will not fail to bring a very modern touch to your home. Each reproduction is unique and will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist Amaury Dubois. In addition to being original and unique, the paintings are designed to let your feelings be fully expressed through your interior decoration.

Reproduction of paintings and horizontal photos

These versatile works have the ability to adapt to many interior environments. From modern to rustic, you will find horizontal picture reproductions adapted to themes that match your personality. For example, take a look at the elegant Hummingbird art poster, limited, numbered and hand-signed by the artist. Symbolic and expressive, this horizontal art poster finds its creativity in the hummingbird’s special plumage that resembles charcoal leaves. The finish of the hummingbird’s tail feathers and its basic black and white colours give the art poster a sober feel and depth.

Travel through similar works and discover other authentic art posters and horizontal painting reproductions, numbered and hand-signed by the artist Amaury Dubois.

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