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Reproduction of paintings on the theme of Music | Signed art poster

The paintings of Amaury Dubois plunge you into a musical atmosphere rich in colours. A talented artist who offers limited edition art posters numbered and hand-signed by the artist with the desire to highlight music through painting. To immerse you in his musical and bewitching artistic universe, we propose you to discover some of his magnificent art photographs and reproductions of paintings which turn around the theme of the music.

Amaury Dubois captivates you with his contemporary art. The Jimi Hendrix art poster is a true masterpiece. A brightly coloured pop portrait that fits perfectly into the interiors of fans of this artistic movement. This poster focuses on the contrast of bright and soft colours. A modern music painting reproduction with a rock symbol at its heart.

Fans of the singer Amy Winehouse will be delighted. Amaury Dubois pays her an intoxicating tribute by reproducing the portrait of the iconic singer with a tragic fate. A timeless portrait rich in emotion, combining painting and music, which awakens the timbre of the singer’s unique voice and the creative ingenuity of this artist.

With The sun is gone but, you will rediscover the song ‘Dumb’ and ‘Heart Shaped Box’ by the famous rock band Nirvana. An art poster that is full of life, a unique artwork that comes directly from the creative imagination of Amaury Dubois.

All of Amaury Dubois’ art reproductions invite you on a nostalgic journey that combines music and painting. All the pop art photos are also limited editions, signed and numbered by the French artist in his studio in Lille.