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Pop Art is an artistic movement, a cultural phenomenon that mixes technology, industrial products, colourful design and everyday objects. Amaury Dubois captivates you with his creative and colourful contemporary art. He offers limited edition art posters numbered and hand-signed by the artist with the desire to highlight Pop Art culture through painting.
To immerse yourself in his bewitching artistic universe, we suggest you discover some of his magnificent Pop Art reproductions.

Reproduction of Pop Art paintings

The Heart Shaped Box I poster offers you a dose of energy. Rich in colour, this Pop Art poster puts you in a good mood and brightens up your interior. Red, yellow and orange are warm, energetic and intense colours that attract attention.
In the Ice cream series, he offers a quirky reproduction of Andy Warhol’s famous painting Glace Warhol’s soup can. You will find the artist’s innovative and creative touch, the quality of the paper used brings out the colours even more.
Each painting is unique, you will fall in love with these limited edition art posters numbered and hand signed by the artist. The Pop Art Glace Chanel print is perfect for fans of this luxury brand. It features the mythical colours of the brand and highlights the Chanel logo placed in the middle.
Its poster art Calavera, transports us to Mexico. It is a creative and colourful reproduction of the famous Mexican skull through a Pop Art painting. A refined artistic touch that breathes new life into South American culture.
Fans of the singer Amy Winehouse will find a beautiful tribute through the intoxicating portrait of the iconic singer with a tragic fate.
All the Pop Art reproductions are also limited editions, signed and numbered by the French artist in his studio in France – Lille.

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