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Portrait fine art prints

Amaury Dubois plunges us into a colourful and energizing atmosphere. The artist draws inspiration from famous paintings and reproduces contemporary paintings in his own image in the form of particularly inspired “portrait” art posters. He presents inspiring and colourful portraits, each of which is unique according to the artist’s inspiration. Amaury Dubois’ art posters are rich in emotion and full of history, they are limited editions, signed and numbered by the French artist in his studio in Lille.

Reproduction of paintings: “Portrait”

An excellent finish that invites us to rediscover through the artist’s discerning eye reproductions of famous portrait paintings. Lovers of religious painting will fall under the spell of the reproduction of the contemporary Flemish painting Virgin and Child. Warm colours are present, inspiring a feeling of optimism.

You will also discover the reinterpretation of Magritte’s painting “The Son of Man“. Amaury Dubois brings an offbeat and modern touch by relying on the perfect association of numerous shots taken by the artist. He plays on the discrepancy between an object and its representation. The reproduction of Jimi Hendrix’s portrait in contemporary painting catches the eye and transports us into an enchanted musical universe. Emotional and colourful, the art poster pays tribute to the guitarist. It is an inspiring pop portrait.
Fans of the singer Amy Winehouse will be delighted. Amaury Dubois pays her an intoxicating tribute by reproducing the portrait of the iconic singer with a tragic fate. A painting reproduction of a timeless women portrait rich in emotions. All Amaury Dubois‘ artistic reproductions invite you to a nostalgic journey.

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