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Sun Art posters

The art posters of the contemporary artist Amaury Dubois are limited, numbered and hand-signed by the artist. Each creation tells a story, reveals a know-how and an assumed artistic creativity. He takes us on a journey, warming our bodies and minds with his collection of art posters on the theme of the sun.
Alhambra takes us directly to sunny Spain in Andalusia. This impressive monument inspires the artist, the mix of warm colours stimulates the spirit. Yellow gives energy, self-confidence and enthusiasm; red, an ambivalent colour, can inspire both love and power. Blue calms the mind, inspiring calm and serenity.

Reproduction of paintings and art photos around the Sun

The Warmth Of The Sun lives up to its name. The warmth of this sun-themed reproduction painting pierces the soul and enlivens the space with its bright, flamboyant colours. The exotic vegetation of the Hawaiian Islands is very well represented: palm trees, banana trees and other exotic plants are depicted with the bright colours of the setting sun.

The murmure of water in this “Sun” theme is a perfect representation of tender love. The turquoise colour of the water in this lagoon in Mauritius calms the mind, the green of the trees stands for optimism, hope and growth, all under a soothing sun with the softness of the shade under the tree.

Amaury Dubois presents collectors with a series of fine art photographs and reproductions of contemporary paintings that reveal the essence of curvature applied to art posters around the sun. A unique representation of breathtaking landscapes that superimpose the artist’s shots and reflect the beauty of nature.

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