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Reproduction of paintings on the theme of the Sea | Signed art poster

Talented artist, Amaury Dubois created the sumptuous fresco of the church of Chatelaillon on more than 600m2. As a nature lover, he offers us a wide choice of flora to recharge our batteries.
In order to better understand his universe, we propose you to discover some of his marvellous art photos and reproductions of sea paintings honouring the waters and the oceans.

With The Murmure of the Water, you sit for a moment to admire a beautiful turquoise lagoon and the idyllic landscape of Mauritius.

Enjoy the vivid and colourful seabed with the Ocean painting. This reproduction of a maritime painting transports you with the gentle rhythm of the painter’s characteristic curves and the waves. You will find an atmosphere of peace and plenitude emanating from it.

Succumb to the colours of the sky mixed with the reflections of the agitated waves on the coast of Northern France through the contemporary art photography North Sea. Between dusk and dawn, Amaury Dubois immortalizes four birds witnessing the flight of several of them.

For lovers of Picasso’s works, the artist Amaury Dubois revisits the painting Night Fishing in Antibes. This resolutely modern reinterpretation makes it a contemporary painter’s reproduction on the theme of the sea, faithful to the original work, to its colours, while adding the curves specific to his art!

These art posters “special Sea” signed Amaury Dubois are rich in emotion and these paintings spirit of the sea will make you travel. They are in limited edition and numbered by the French artist in his workshop based in Lille.

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