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City Fine art prints, contemporary Photographies | Signed & Limited

Amaury Dubois gives us his vision of the most famous monuments around the world. Through his contemporary and unique art posters, we discover the mythical streets and buildings through modern paintings of cities around the world.
In order to get to know his artistic universe better, we suggest you discover his contemporary photographic paintings.

The art photo Empire State Building is a reproduction of one of the iconic monuments of New York. The orange light of the sunset reflected on the clouds inspires and instills a good mood. The Empire State Building is drawn from several angles and brought together in an abstract form, contemporary cubism is well present in this art piece.

Our stroll through the largest city in the United States continues as we discover the Manhattan Bridge through the eyes of the artist. Under The Bridge is a realistic representation of the city that never sleeps.

Direction the South of France with his art poster Nice, a leading city known for its beaches and monuments that house artistic masterpieces. Amaury Dubois presents his vision of the city in this ultra-coloured landscape painting. A colourful pictorial genre that depicts the festive atmosphere of this city in paint.

Photographic journeys by a passionate artist who takes us to the four corners of the world. Capturing the soul of a city through a photograph is the dilemma that Amaury Dubois answers with contemporary art photography. You will love his Singapore Temple painting, a spiritual journey that calms the spirit, a magnificent superposition of shots taken by the artist that reflect the beauty of this Buddhist temple and the creativity of this artist. Amaury Dubois offers realistic and modern city pictures. Limited edition contemporary art posters, numbered and hand-signed by the artist.

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