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Blue art poster & Fine art prints

The Blue reproductions of modern paintings by Amaury Dubois are to be consumed without moderation. The blue art posters signed Amaury Dubois are rich in emotion and full of history. The artist’s creativity and the excellent finish of his paintings charm us with deep colours, blue in the lead.

Dive into the heart of the colourful and lively seabed with this blue ocean print.
It is a real atmosphere of serenity that emanates from it. It invites you to let yourself be lulled by the gentle rhythm of the waves and the curves characteristic of the painter.

Standing between the moon and the sun, Tree of life does not suffer from the passage of time. Its roots, directly nourished by a stream, symbolise the force of life, a link between the real world and spirituality. Water and air, this blue painting reproduction effectively brings colour to the fore.

Art photos and blue painting reproductions

Set sail for Mauritius and its turquoise water! Treat yourself to an enchanted interlude in the heart of a unique and paradisiacal landscape thanks to this unique Set the sails art photograph. Let yourself be lulled by this photographic journey to Mauritius Royal Road: This series of contemporary art photographs dominated by blue presents the very essence of Courbism applied to photography.

Talented and passionate about his art, Amaury Dubois knows the secrets of shaping a colourful and emotionally intense universe, proposing reproductions of modern paintings in a limited edition, certified and available in various formats. Dive into a blue universe full of freshness, purity, truth and wisdom. Inspiring serenity and inner calm, this colour is conducive to dreams and meditation.

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