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Amaury Dubois immerses you in a unique contemporary artistic universe. A careful, inspiring and intoxicating representation of art. Every detail counts, his colourful paintings will take you to the end of the world. Admire the wild beauty of the art posters on the theme of the forest, Amaury Dubois offers you a walk in the heart of the forests in the four corners of the world.

Each painting is unique, you will fall under the charm of the green limited edition art posters numbered and hand signed by the artist. Forêt Jacinthes au Mont Noir is a real play of light and colour, a unique representation of the flowering of purple hyacinths. An idyllic landscape that we discover through the artist’s point of view.

Reproduction of paintings and art photos on the forest

As for his art poster Invisible Tree, it transports us to Mauritius. There is nothing better than an escapade in the alleys of the city to discover the enchanted places. Amaury Dubois, always faithful to his artistic composition of several shots, he offers us an art photograph around the forest, a unique piece that perfectly illustrates the curvature.

Arbre de vie is a journey that aspires to freedom and is full of spirituality. Amaury Dubois delivers us his reproduction of paintings on the theme of the forest through the symbol of love and protection. A contemporary painting reproduction that perfectly represents this mythical symbol, with warm, energizing and luminous colours that inspire a feeling of optimism.

Amaury Dubois’s forest art posters exhilarate collectors and take them on a surreal photographic journey of quality with deep colours enhanced by the Hahnemühle art paper.

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