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Reproduction of paintings, signed art poster on the theme of the desert

Discover the beauty of the desert through the lens of an outstanding art photographer.
The painter Amaury Dubois presents reproductions of landscape paintings in an inspired figurative style as well as art photos of unique natural landscapes while taking care to highlight the desert landscape
Each art photo is an invitation to travel, escapades at the end of the earth that intoxicate and bewitch.

Art posters of an idyllic desert with a unique charm

Let the sun of Sicily and the city of Agrigente enter your home, through this contemporary painting marked by the curvature and richness of colours of Amaury Dubois.
Looking for sun? Do you want nature? Discover the reproduction of an inspiring and colourful desert painting signed and limited by the contemporary painting, Cactus. An artistic style and elegance to take you on a journey to the heart of the Tehuacán Valley in Mexico.

For lovers of the third art, the works of Amaury Dubois will make you happy, especially with Shoot and Run. Take a trip to the Wild West in the heart of a sheriff’s duel against the invigorating colours of life and the burning sun, perfectly transcribed through this reproduction of an American desert painting.
With Walk to the sun, the artist takes us with him to his imaginary places of reflection. A walk in the desert among Joshua trees, towards the sun, towards a life based on our dreams.

Discover art posters with desert and idyllic landscapes, for which the painter Amaury Dubois finds his inspiration through the richness of the world and culture.