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Holidays Fine art prints, contemporary Photographies | Signed & Limited

The holiday art posters composed by the artist Amaury Dubois plunge you into an atmosphere rich in colours or as exotic as you wish. A talented artist who proposes reproductions of paintings and limited art photographs numbered and signed by hand, with the desire to highlight the holidays through painting.

Inspired and contemporary holiday art posters

His Calavera art poster, transports us to Mexico. It is a creative and colourful reproduction of the famous Mexican skull and crossbones in a Pop Art painting. A refined artistic touch that breathes new life into South American culture. Through Cordoba, let the sun‘s rays soothe you as you stroll through the narrow streets of Cordoba, in Andalusia. The artist takes you into the world of a city full of colours and water. Great destinations with his holiday-smelling art posters!

Admire the wild beauty of the mountains of Mauritius through the perfect combination of numerous shots taken by the artist photographer Amaury Dubois. You will fall under the spell of the contemporary holiday-style art photos. The turquoise waters of Mauritius, a work of art with an idyllic landscape and a breathtaking view that lets you see the beauty of nature through the artist’s eyes.
The artist photographer takes us to see the National Gallery, an art museum located in the heart of the city. Its architecture did not leave the artist indifferent. A unique and realistic representation, we discover this monument through the artist’s shots on beautiful holiday art photos.

Amaury Dubois captivates you with his contemporary art. The Holiday Art poster at Alhambra is a true masterpiece. A colourful pop portrait invites you to travel to Spain, to Andalusia and the fragrance of the Alhambra gardens in Granada.

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