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Mountain Art Posters

Amaury Dubois’ paintings immerse you in an atmosphere that highlights the strength and beauty of the mountains. A talented artist who offers limited edition art posters numbered and hand-signed by the artist with the desire to highlight nature and capture the best of our landscapes. The artist’s creativity and the excellent finish of his paintings charm us with deep colours enhanced by the Hahnemühle art paper. For his art poster Montagne, Amaury Dubois finds his inspiration through the richness of the world and culture. As a nature lover, he offers us a wide choice of fauna and flora to recharge our batteries.

Reproduction of mountain art photos

Amaury Dubois captivates you with his contemporary art. The Art On the Mountain poster is a true masterpiece. The artist offers us a peaceful trip to Mauritius, an idyllic walk that soothes the spirit. The blue of the sky reminds us of the water or the calm of the ocean. It brings a certain serenity, relaxation and calmness. The green of the plants adds a soothing touch, the touch of purple which is a spiritually rich colour and symbolises intuition and awareness. An art photograph that reveals the mystical side of the mountain. The artist-photographer represents a peaceful and quiet place, conducive to rest.
Amaury Dubois, through this series of contemporary photographs, presents the very essence of Courbism applied to photography. A unique representation of quality and ultra-realism. His technique consists in combining several photographic clichés into one. Let yourself be rocked by this inspiring photographic journey.

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