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Charcoal Art Posters

Charcoal allows you to draw in chiaroscuro, using light and shadow to create a black and white work. Charcoal allows you to obtain very deep blacks, precise and fine lines or, on the contrary, very wide lines. Amaury Dubois adopts this technique and offers a neat, inspiring and intoxicating art representation.
Through his contemporary and unique charcoal art posters, we discover beautiful sketches of women and animals.

Reproduction of charcoal art drawings in Black & White

For his art poster Woman, Amaury Dubois takes the effect of the ancestral technique of charcoal. We find the beautiful shades of black, a return to the sources that inspires and gives charm to his paintings. An excellent finish that invites us to rediscover charcoal painting under the wise eye of the artist. His art posters Bird I and II remind us of the spirtual meaning thanks to the Black and White effect we find a realistic colour gradient, from deep black to the palest grey, almost white, thus all possible shades of grey. The Papillon art poster also highlights the charcoal painting effect intended by the artist. All the details are present, Amaury Dubois art posters both modern and inspiring.

Amaury Dubois’s art posters are rich in emotion and full of history. They are limited editions, signed and numbered by the French artist in his studio in Lille. Amaury Dubois offers reproductions of modern charcoal paintings. Limited edition contemporary art posters, numbered and hand signed by the artist.