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Biography of the artist

Fresque street art sur la voûte d'une église par l'artiste Amaury Dubois

Street art fresco on the vault of a church by the artist Amaury Dubois


Amaury Dubois, French painter, likes to paint life in motion. From a room covered with graffiti to the world famous contemporary paintings, this is the story of a man who loves oil painting, he offers works full of life and colors, all marked by his signature: the “Courbism”. Amaury Dubois is a painter who depicts the world around him in his own way.

Botany and light, a decisive source of inspiration

Born in 1980, Amaury Dubois develops very early a pronounced taste for Art in all its forms. A true “jack of all trades”: music, writing, drawing, painting, he chose painting as a way to channel and express the permanent abundance of ideas that spring from his mind.
Passionate about botany, he finds in the curves of plants a limitless source of inspiration that he distills into each of his works.

Oil painting, the medium symbolizing his way of seeing the world

Oil painting, often considered restrictive by his peers for the intensity of its colors and its drying time, offers Amaury Dubois an opportunity: time. Each of his works is thought out, matured, both in its composition and in the choice of colors, always luminous.
Like the escape he wishes to offer to those who contemplate his works, Amaury Dubois plunges into his painting as if into a new space-time: he freezes the moment to make visible the beauty of the world and of nature which often escapes us.

A new vision of art

Unclassifiable artist, recognizable among thousands by his penetrating curves and luminous colors, Amaury Dubois creates his own style. Like leaves trying to cling and climb to reach the light, they symbolize the incredible instinct of life, the vibrant and permanent energy of the world around us, without us being aware of it, nor perceiving it.
Like a revelation, he invites us through his works to pause, to stop and contemplate the infinite beauty of the world that offers itself to us one moment, and will vanish the next.

A talent acclaimed by the art world and the international press

Europe, USA, Brazil, Singapore, Middle East… project after project, Amaury Dubois exports his talent throughout the world. His works are exhibited in several galleries around the world, and cohabit with the greatest contemporary artists in many European and international collections. In 2020, he takes a new dimension and transforms the interior of a 19th century church into a unique 600m2 street art fresco. After Picasso, Matisse or Okuda, Amaury Dubois joins the very closed circle of contemporary artists having realized this extraordinary performance.

His style aroused the curiosity of the media, which painted a glowing portrait of an artist who is always on the move. Ideat, France 2, le Figaro, M6, Geo Magazine, Elle Déco, have highlighted him. A media coverage relayed in particular by the front page of “Art magazine” and the 1st page of “Beaux Art Magazine”.


artiste peintre contemporain

contemporary painter


« Freeze time to observe life doing its work  ».

Le courbisme, symbol of life and movement

Nothing is fixed, everything evolves, transforms. The elements interact with each other constantly. From the moon to the tides, from the bee to the flower, nature is in constant motion, driven by an invisible but very real energy that is more powerful than anything else.

It is this instinct of life that Amaury Dubois reveals in his canvases with powerful and colored curves, a unique and recognizable artistic signature among all, which he baptizes “curvature”.

Like flames, waves or climbing plants seeking to progress in the canvas, the curves intermingle in a rhythmic dance of gradations, luminous and bewitching.

Each line is skilfully structured, measured and reflected like a revelation of the mysteries of life.



street art fresco lille

Projects all over the world

Monumental frescoes, renowned artistic collaborations, international collective exhibitions, institutional performances, or capsule collections… Amaury Dubois’ works are numerous and varied. From the North of France, his art radiates to Singapore and Dubai, through Paris, Knokke, Cannes or Brussels…

Street Art – Monumental fresco in the hall of the church of Calais (FR) – 2021

Street Art – Fresco on the harbour master’s office of Wambrechies (59) – 2021

Street At – Monumental fresco of 600m² on the vault of the church of Chatelaillon-Plage (FR – La Rochelle – Chatelaillon-Plage) – 2020

Amaury Dubois integrates the collections of an art foundation (BE) – 2020 Alongside Modigliani, Warhol or Banksy

Collaboration Cov’Artist – HPHF – 2020 Auction organized by Drouot, donation of the work “Jimi Hendrix Pink” for the benefit of the Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris – Hôpitaux de France

Street Art – Monumental fresco of 65m2 (FR – Lille) – 2018 – Mural fresco of 16x4m entitled “Shoot & Run

Solo Exhibition – Mulan Gallery (Singapore) – 2016 Participation in the exhibition “French Kiss”, organized by the French Embassy for the French culture festival

Land Art – A living work illuminates the Hauts de France region – 2015 With the project “Aurora”, Amaury Dubois mobilizes a whole region around a collective work represented by 9 “light” cities.

Solo Exhibition – Art Knokke – Momentum Art Gallery (BE – Knokke) – 2015 Solo exhibition of the artist during “Art Knokke” at Momentum art Gallery (Gerstein, Fazzino, Orlinski…)

McDonald’s advertising campaign – World Cup 2014 (FR) – McDonald’s France & TBWA France use the abstract painting “River of Dream” for a TV & digital campaign

Space design – Stade Pierre Mauroy (FR – Lille) – 2014 40 thematic works and a XXL photographic fresco dress the Stadium of Lille

Object design – Mercedes Unique signature of a “Smart” (FR – Lille) – 2011 Artistic dressing of the vehicle in unique copy for “Mercedes Benz


presse artiste peintre

logo presse

The recognition of the international press

The style and personality of Amaury Dubois attract the curiosity of publishers and media from all over the world who paint a glowing portrait of an artist in permanent movement. “Art magazine” has dedicated its front page to him and “Beaux Art Magazine” has offered him its first page. In 2020, his monumental fresco realized in the church of Chatelaillon Plage near La Rochelle, entered the top 10 of the most beautiful Street Art works in the world of the Best of Street Art 2020 of the Italian magazine Collateral.



Cover “Art Magazine”: “The temporal parentheses of Amaury Dubois”. A complete file and a real recognition of the artist’s work.
1st page of “Beaux Arts Magazine” : “A resurrection in colors”. A colorful portrait proposed by the magazine, one of the references of the profession.

Le Figaro : “A colorful restoration for this church near La Rochelle”.

France 2 TV News : “The church of Châtelaillon-Plage illuminated by the frescoes of an artist”.

France 3 TV News : “Télématin” broadcast on 06/02/2021

M6 TV News : “The church of Châtelaillon-Plage illuminated by the frescoes of an artist

GEO Magazine : “This church plays the street-art card with a magnificent XXL fresco

LUXE TV News : “The church of Châtelaillon-Plage illuminated by the frescoes of an artist”.

Boursorama Mag : “Street-art: the star cities in France”.

Le Journal du Design : “He transforms the vault of a church into a monumental fresco.”

Tuxboard : “French artist Amaury Dubois creates a unique and exceptional work.”

Entre luxe et prestige : “An inimitable photographic style of the artworks”

Elle Déco : “Our favorites Arty Lille”

Book : Guide of the Street Art Lille Metropole


Book : “Leaders in Contemporary Art



DesignBoom : “Amaury Dubois breathes life into french church with monumental fresco”.

Supersonic : “Amaury Dubois, Church Fresco.”


IDEAT magazine : “The graffiti church”.

The Merit Times : “French street style murals”.



CanadaLive : “France | A street art fresco adorns the ceiling of a church

The press : “A street art fresco adorns the ceiling of a church”.


ITALY : Present in the Best of Street Art : Top 10 of the most beautiful street art works in the world

Fanpage : “l’artista Amaury Dubois affresca la chiesa di Sainte-Madeleine”



ELLE Déco : “Colored Street Art in the church Sainte-Madeleine



Casa Vogue : “Artista cria pintura colorida de 600m² en ingreja na França”



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Paris Match : Charles Fazzino and Amaury Dubois in the weekly



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Alateia : “Street art fresco on the facade of the temple.”

Misyjne : “France: church with street art fresco”



Amaury Dubois unveils his works throughout France, Europe and the world. On the occasion of individual or collective exhibitions, his paintings are permanently present in several renowned galleries and enrich many collections abroad.


Art Foundation

La Maison Alexandre (BE)

Amaury Dubois’ works are part of the collections of one of the most renowned foundations in Belgium. Alongside Modigliani, Warhol or Banksy, several paintings by Amaury Dubois now take their place among these renowned contemporary artists.


Solo Exhibitions

Mulan Gallery (Singapore)

On the occasion of the Festival of French Culture organized by the French Embassy, the paintings of Amaury Dubois cross the borders to be exhibited as a headliner for the exhibition “French Kiss”.


Knokke – Momentum Art Gallery (BE) – permanent exhibition

Nice – Momentum Art Gallery (FR) – permanent exhibition

Lille – Cultural Center (FR)

Amboise – Centre Culturel (FR)

Lille – Annie Wable Gallery (FR)

Luxembourg – Leukos Art Gallery (LUX)


Collective exhibitions

Collective exhibition Momentum Art Gallery (FR – Nice)

Salons Salon des Art (Lux)

Group exhibition Galerie Wagner (FR)

Salon of art ST.ART (FR – Strasbourg)

Art fair Elysées (FR – Paris)

Exhibition at LINEART (BE – Gand)

Salon of the Artists of the world (FR – Cannes)

Festival du Touquet (FR)

Exhibition “Lille 3000” ( FR – Lille)

Exhibition of French Artists (FR – Paris)



Prize of the “Salon des artistes du monde” (FR – Cannes) – 2014

Prize of the Artists’ Show (FR – Lille European Metropolis)

Prize of the General Council of Vienne (FR – Poitiers) – 2014

Guest of honor Salon des Arts (FR – Métropole Européenne de Lille)