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Black and White Art Posters

Amaury Dubois captivates you with his contemporary art. Both sober and creative, his Black and White art posters are inspired by the framework of oil paintings on canvas. Each creation tells a story, reveals a know-how and an artistic sense. The artist delivers his vision by taking inspiration from well-known paintings. In order to better understand his artistic universe, we suggest you discover his contemporary black and white art posters.

Reproduction of paintings and art photos in black and white

The art poster Woman uses the black and white charcoal technique “The flute player”, a subtle artistic touch. A modern abstract painting that will look great on your living room walls. His black and white art posters plunge us into a nostalgic universe, Amaury Dubois offers aesthetic representations for collectors. His art poster “Oiseau“, indeed as the poet Saint-John Perse wrote “Birds keep among us something of the song of Creation”. This painting confirms the creative spirit and imagination of the artist.
The art poster “Butterfly” highlights a strong spiritual symbol to be personalised, the butterfly invites us to reconnect with the deepest and most authentic part of ourselves.
Amaury Dubois presents collectors with a series of fine art photographs and reproductions of contemporary paintings that reveal the essence of curvism applied to black and white art posters.