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Ice Cream Art Posters

Amaury Dubois’ art posters are rich in emotion and full of history, they are in limited edition. Amaury Dubois’ Pop Art reproductions are to be enjoyed without moderation. The artist’s creativity and the excellent finish of his paintings charm us with deep colours enhanced by the Hahnemühle art paper. For his Ice cream art posters, Amaury Dubois finds his inspiration in the richness of the world and culture.

Reproduction of ‘Ice Cream

‘ paintings

Amaury Dubois plunges you into a unique contemporary artistic universe. In the Ice cream series, he offers a quirky reproduction of Andy Warhol’s famous painting “ Warhol’s soup can“. You will find the innovative and creative touch of the artist, the quality of the paper used brings out the colours even more.

Each painting is unique, you will fall in love with the limited edition art posters numbered and hand signed by the artist. The Chanel ‘s Ice cream art poster is perfect for fans of this luxury brand, it features the mythical colours of the brand and highlights the Chanel logo placed in the middle.

For the greatest pleasure of car collectors and Ferrari enthusiasts, the Ice cream – Ferrari art poster will make you happy. Amaury Dubois reproduces the logo of the famous Italian car brand and combines it with contemporary art.

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