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Red Art Posters

Amaury Dubois gives us his vision of the colour red. Through his contemporary and unique art posters, we discover reproductions of contemporary red paintings whose meaning revolves around this beautiful colour.
Red symbolises strength, courage, but also warmth. It is a powerful colour that radiates energy.

Warhol’s soup can is from the Ice Cream series. In this painting, you will find the offbeat reproduction of Andy Warhol’s famous “soup can” revisited in a red art poster in the artist Amaury Dubois’ own style.
Add a red, pop and offbeat touch to your home with this limited edition signed reproduction of the Glace Ferrari painting. A great way for enthusiasts to combine contemporary art and cars!

Reproductions of contemporary red paintings above all!

Let yourself be seduced by Cerise: A real dose of sweetness through this contemporary still life in pop style, updated with a dripping background. What makes red so powerful in this painting is that it is strong in ambiguity and eye-catching.

As the name suggests, let the richness of the colours in the imaginary painting Bewitched enchant you. With this reproduction of red paint, Amaury Dubois manages to create a dynamic and strong atmosphere. Moreover, it attracts the eye and brings vitality.

All of Amaury Dubois’ art reproductions invite you to a nostalgic journey dominated by red. All photos and reproductions of paintings with red as the dominant colour are in limited edition, signed and numbered by the French artist in his studio in Lille.

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