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Contemporary fine art prints of paintings and photos of architecture

The architectural paintings composed by the artist Amaury Dubois plunge you into a colourful atmosphere. A talented artist who offers limited edition art posters numbered and hand-signed by the artist with the desire to highlight architecture through painting. To immerse yourself in his bewitching artistic universe, we suggest you discover some of his magnificent reproductions of modern architecture paintings and atypical art photos.

Amaury Dubois captivates you with his contemporary art. The Art Alhambra poster is a true masterpiece. A colourful pop portrait invites you to travel to Spain, to Andalusia and the fragrance of the gardens of the Alhambra in Granada.
With the Cordoba architectural art poster, treat yourself to a bit of sunshine during an escapade in the narrow streets of Cordoba, in Andalusia. Amaury Dubois takes you on a tour of this colourful city with its curves and its vision of life.

Contemporary reproduction fine art prints of paintings and photos of architecture

If you prefer photographic paintings of large buildings, the Empire State Building will please you: An iconic monument in New York, Amaury Dubois gives us his vision of the Empire State Building, through a contemporary photographic painting, where the urban lights mingle with the orange hues of a magnificent sunset on the city that never sleeps.
You are likely to fall under the spell of the Singapore Temple. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city, life suddenly calms down to the serenity and well-being that emanates from the spectacular Buddha’s Tooth Temple. The artist has captured this monument in a fine art photograph of this iconic architecture.
So let yourself be inspired to contemplate the world’s most beautiful architecture. All photos and reproductions of architectural paintings are also in limited edition, signed and numbered by the French artist in his studio in Lille.

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