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Amaury Dubois is a French painter, passionate about the reproduction of famous paintings. He has made a name for himself by painting reinterpretations of famous paintings.

Art posters of famous paintings

The artist has built his reputation on his reproduction of René Magritte‘s famous painting The Son of Man. The painting, which depicts a man in a coat and top hat, was recognised for its deep symbolism and thoughtful composition. Dubois has taken this composition and added his own personal touch through a selection of different colours and effects borrowed from the curvature that is dear to him. His version of the painting is thus more colourful and vivid than the original.

Reinterpretations of famous paintings

Amaury Dubois also took an interest in Warhol’s Banana, a portrait of two bananas in primary colours that has become the emblem of pop art. Dubois has taken the painting and given it a new dimension, making it more dynamic and lively. For the Calavera, Amaury Dubois opted for a bolder, darker style, adding brighter colours and playing with the contrast between black and white.
For his version of Hans Memling’s Virgin and Child, Dubois chose a more subtle and delicate style for his reproduction of this famous painting, adding nuances and shadows to create an intimate and poetic atmosphere. Finally, for his version of Picasso’s Night Fishing in Antibes, Dubois opted for a more expressionist style, with intense colours and bolder details.

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