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Amaury commits

The beauty of the nature surrounding me has always inspired me and pushed me to want to protect it through my actions and choices. That is why I wanted to work only with providers committed and sensitive to environmental protection.

« I believe that the beauty of art can coexist with an environmental concern.»


Committed providers

I have selected providers (printer and framer) with an eco-responsible approach. My printer has committed to “Cœur de Forêt”, an association that works internationally by focusing on restoring degraded forest ecosystems, supporting small producers in sustainable agriculture and forestry, and raising awareness among local schools and populations.




Works printed on eco-responsible paper

I chose to work with Hahnemühle for the quality of their papers, but also for their commitment to more eco-friendly production methods (water, materials, electricity and recycling).




Made in France

I am proud to work with providers (printer and framer) based in France. This contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions related to transportation and supports local businesses.



By offering or giving an art poster, you bring life to a unique interior while respecting the planet.